Building value for companies and investors through strategic funding opportunities

Locust Walk’s active, global advisory practice yields robust, proprietary dealflow from a variety of sources – much of which invisible to the venture capital community and strategic partners. This dealflow – coupled with the insight and knowledge generated by the firm’s unique position at the intersection of buyers, sellers, and investors – affords us the opportunity to accelerate the growth of companies through strategic, targeted investments.

About Locust Walk Capital

We have created Locust Walk Capital, a separate but related entity, to maximize the value of our unique perspective by making investments with high return potential – from funding a new company to in-license or acquire assets, to funding an existing company in a pre-IPO mezzanine round alongside marquis crossover investors, to funding a clinical trial to add value prior to partnering. Our philosophy is to invest in products that both make a true impact on human health as well as create financial returns for our investors. The double bottom line need not entail any tradeoff.

Locust Walk Capital Difference

Family offices and ultra-high net worth investors want to make an impact and earn a return. However, life science investing is so specialized that many have decide not to participate due to the risks, real and perceived. Locust Walk Capital aims to demystify the sector by providing cultivated and proprietary deal flow, thorough due diligence and a mechanism for active management of the portfolio companies. Since we are raising Company Specific FundsTM, Locust Walk Capital is not a classic venture capital fund and not an agent.

A Diversified Platform

Locust Walk has created several related entities, each with the goal of offering distinct value and service to our growing and diverse client base.

Locust Walk

Locust Walk Securities

Locust Walk Institute